Around The House

If you live in an area with known tick populations, there are steps you can take around the house to reduce the risk of vector-borne disease for your entire family. In order to keep your lawn and outdoor play areas safe, start by keeping shrubs and grass closely clipped and clean up any leaves or debris to limit any potential tick habitat. You should also limit how many shrubs or plants you include around play and leisure areas—your dog’s walk or kennel, your children’s swing set, outdoor dining area, etc.

With regard to wildlife, the common deer is an essential part of the life cycle for ticks and the diseases they carry. And deer love to eat certain types of plants and shrubs, so when planning your garden or landscaping, be sure you’re not ringing the dinner bell and attracting them to your yard. You can also use special deer fencing to keep deer off your property.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer additional tips and information about how to protect your family and home from ticks. Click here to go to the CDC site now.